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President's YEAR END mESSAGE

My dearest MCA families,

Your MCA committee members and families want to wish you and your families ‘Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2021’.

As we come to the end of year 2020 and cherish and thank the Lord for giving us the good things in the year, everyone is eagerly looking forward to more exciting and fulfilling things to happen in the new year 2021.

Be safe, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends; relax and recharge and be ready to start the new year with a good note.

On behalf of my committee, once again I want to thank you all for your participation, support and cooperation you have provided to us during our term.

Thank you

V James Dante




Message from His Eminence Cardinal Gracias, Bombay, India.mp4

His Eminence Cardinal Gracias, Mumbai

MCAEC Christmas Greetings.mp4


President's Message at Christmas.mp4

MCA President, James Dante

Message from


Christmas Wishes from Dante Family.mp4

Dante Family

Christmas Wishes from Lobo Family.mp4

Lobo Family


Ivan Racadag

Category: Ugly Sweater

Keira Barboza

Category: Ugly Sweater

Evonne Castelino

Category: Ugly Sweater(Winner!)

Alina Dsouza

Category: Ugly Sweater

Brian Dsouza

Category: Ugly Sweater

Keira Barboza

Category: Greeting Card (Winner!)

Clint Almeida

Category: Greeting Card

Juliet Vas

Category: Snacks & Drinks (Winner!)Recipe

Elvina Moras

Category: Snacks & DrinksRecipe

Clint Almeida

Category: Snacks & DrinksRecipe


Category: Snacks & Drinks Recipe

Roshan & Rosanne Dsouza

Category: Christmas Tree

Roshan & Rosanne Dsouza

Category: Christmas Tree

Mathias Family

Category: Christmas Tree

Marina Pinto

Category: Christmas Tree

Brian Dsouza

Category: Christmas Tree

Reynel Castelino

Category: Christmas Tree

Renita, Walter, Tiffany Biswas

Category: Christmas Tree(Winner!)

Juiet Vas

Category: Christmas Tree

Juiet Vas

Category: Christmas Tree

halloween hungama ENTRIES AND WINNERS

Nathan Racadag

Category: Lil SamuraisRocketman: Nathan Goes to the Moon (Co-Winner)

Jonah D'Souza

Category: Lil SamuraisMarshall pup, Fire Fighter - Paw Patrol (Co-Winner)

Kiara Sequiera

Category: Junior SamuraisCat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug

Jaden Noronha

Category: Junior SamuraisNinja (2nd place Winner)

Joshua Noronha

Category: Junior SamuraisHarry Potter (1st Place Winner)

Ethan Almeida

Category: Junior SamuraisFururistic Cyborg Dancer

Merlyn Mathias

Category: Solo SamuraisMera Saya

Julia Dante

Category: Solo SamuraisGo Corona Go with Sr. Maria (Winner)

Brian D'Souza

Category: Solo SamuraisBandit

The Noronha's

Category: Team TamashaEk Hasina thi

Infected - James & Julia Dante, Wilma Andrade, Merlyn Mathias

Category: Team TamashaDancing Dead (Winners)

The Almeida's

Category: Team TamashaRobot ramp walk


Nathan Racadag

Category: Preschool & KEntries: Craft, Drawing

Jaden Noronha

Category: Preschool & KEntries: Craft (Winner !)

Nathan Clive D'Souza

Category: ElementaryEntries: Drawing, Craft 1, Craft 2

Alisha Rodrigues

Category: ElementaryEntries: Poem(Winner!), Craft

Kiara Sequiera

Category: ElementaryEntries: Drawing

Eben Castelino

Category: ElementaryEntries: Essay

Rylan D'Souza

Category: ElementaryEntries: Essay

Joshua Noronha

Category: ElementaryEntries: Drawing-Poem

Keira Barboza

Category: Middle SchoolEntries: Drawing(Winner !) , Poem

Eliot Mendes

Category: Middle SchoolEntries: Painting 1, Painting 2

Nikita Lobo

Category: High SchoolEntries: Music Score (Winner !), Drawing

Lauren D'Souza

Category: High SchoolEntries: Essay


Dwayne Lobo

S/O Ivon & Flavie Lobo James Monroe High school

Beyonce Andrades

D/O Valery & Desmond AndradesThomas Jefferson High School for Science & Tech

Kristin D'Souza

D/O Walter & Gwen D'SouzaRockville High School

We are Proud of our Mangalorean Essential & FrontLine workers !

Flavie Maria Rebello

W/O Ivon Lobo, Surgical, Mary Washington Hospital, Fredericksburg

Ivan Racadag

H/O Nicole Racadag, Adult Geriatric Hospice Care Nurse, Vitas Healthcare

Eliza Lobo

Physical Therapist, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Anil, Precilla, Andrea D'Souza

Health Care Practitioners,Ellicott City


My dear friends,

The Lord is risen and he is risen to save us from misery. Let us light a candle or lamp tonight to tell the world that Jesus Christ is RISEN and he is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

It is said, 'The great gift of Easter is HOPE'. So let us keep our hopes high and pray that the Coronavirus pandemic will end very soon and brighter days will start appearing before us.

Let us thank and pray for all those frontline workers who are risking their own lives in order to make a better living for the rest of us and to keep us safe. Let us also thank those who are stepping up to the challenges and contributing in many ways to help their communities in times of need. We are proud of you and your services will be recognized by the Lord almighty.

On behalf of the Mangalorean Catholic Association committee, I want to wish a Happy Easter to everyone ..!!


V James Dante,


holy week mass schedule

Live Streaming from Basilica of National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Good Friday: April 10 – Prelude at 2:30 pm, Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion at 3 p.m.

Holy Saturday: April 11 at 8:00 pm.

Easter Sunday: April 12 at 12 pm. (Solemn Mass)

Holy Week & Easter Sunday Masses

Live Streaming from Catholic Diocese of Arlington, VA

Good Friday (Passion of the Lord) on Friday, 10 th April, 2020 at 3pm.

Easter Vigil on Saturday, 11 th April, 2020 at 8:30pm.

Easter Sunday on Sunday, 12 th April, 2020 at 9:30am.

Live Streaming from Archdiocese of Washington

Online Masses and Prayers


In view of the rapid spread of Corona virus in the Tri-State area, we have decided to cancel the upcoming Spring Event scheduled for April 18, 2020.

While many of you were excited and were eagerly looking forward to the event, the committee had to make this decision, keeping in view of the best interests of our community.

We believe that this would be a short phase and hopefully will end soon, but we will come back with newer events for you to participate and enjoy as a community.

Please keep checking the official website of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention at to get the updates on Corona virus (COVID-19) and for useful tips on prevention and treatments. Please keep a close watch on your television sets or on internet for current news and announcements from the local authorities and the government.

We acknowledge the great work done by the State and Government officials to curb the disease, and request everyone to provide moral support, especially to those people providing nursing and medical help to affected persons in hospitals and other patient care facilities.

On behalf of the committee, let me wish and pray for good health for your families and friends and those affected worldwide due to the epidemic.

Stay safe ..!

2019 Halloween Fashion Show

Presidents Message

February 1, 2020

My dear friends,

Welcome. On behalf of my committee, I have great pleasure in releasing the new website of our Mangalorean Catholic Association of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. As you can witness by browsing through the new website, this has been possible due to the hard work of our innovative webmaster and committee member Reynel Castellino, who has once again produced a masterpiece to remember.

I cannot believe we have already completed one year with huge success. Overall, I think we had a great year of 2019, that stated with a nice outdoor ‘Telematch’ Picnic in June, followed by Monthi Fest combined with the Musical Extravaganza event in September where you have witnessed the superb performance of four Mangalorean musicians from India, Middle East and Canada on the stage, that was a feast for the eyes to watch. Later in October, we tried to experiment running the Halloween Fashion Show event to feel the pulse of the people and were successful. Finally, to top it all, in December, we delivered successfully the grand celebration of 30th (Pearl) Anniversary of our Association combined with the Christmas event. Our long-sought objective of bringing all the past Presidents of the Association together for the first time in history of the Association was fulfilled at this event.

As much as myself and my committee members and families have enjoyed these events, I believe you have too and are looking forward for similar great things to happen in the New Year 2020. As a matter of fact, our committee is already planning for some very special events for your families this year as I am writing this message.

Lastly, we all know that in community organizations such as ours, people come and people go, but what makes us to remember people is when they do some great deeds and leave a legacy behind by bringing a positive change in our community lives. My committee and myself promise to make that change so that you not only remember and appreciate what we have done for the community during our span of time, but also get motivated to come forward to take up the challenge to lead the association in the future. I want to thank you all for your support, cooperation and participation in all the regular, special and experimental events that we carried out in the year 2019 to make those events highly successful and memorable.

Once again, on behalf of the Mangalorean Catholic Association Committee, it is my pleasure to wish your families a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020.

Be happy, make others happy ..!!

V James Dante


2019 Monthi Fest Musical Extravaganza

2019 Telematch Picnic

2019 Christmas Party