By being a member of the Mangalorean association, you are supporting the growth of the association by helping to promote various initiatives throughout the year. The membership provides a forum for new members to make new friends at events and share a strong sense of togetherness within the growing Mangalorean community. In addition, all of our members get preferred pricing for the various events held during the year.

The Association has implemented Annual Membership based on the Calendar year in 2021. Most of you have renewed your membership for a 2-year term ending in 2023 and some for a 1-year term ending in 2022. If you had renewed the membership for 1 year, your membership will expire in December 2022 and it is now time to renew it. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact our Treasurer, Nicole Racadag, at or

Membership fees :

FAMILIES $40, COUPLES $30, SINGLES $20 FOR A 2-YEAR TERM, ending December 31, 2024.

FAMILIES $20, COUPLES $15, SINGLES $10 FOR A 1-YEAR TERM, ending December 31, 2023.

We strongly encourage you to renew or sign up for the 2-year membership.

Now easy payments can be made using online Zelle app to the Treasurer at Payments can also be made through Checks as per the details provided in the link below.

Click the link below to fill the form and make the payment, for renewing your membership or to join as a new member (*membership terms apply).

Membership form