Mangalorean Catholic Association 

Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia

Connect, Explore, Cherish our awesome Heritage

Mangalorean Catholic residents of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia have come together to form the Mangalorean Association of DC/MD/VA, also known as Mangalorean Catholic Association DC/MD/VA (MCA-DMV).

We are proud to announce that our Association has been recently recognized as a Non-profit Organization in March 2022. It is an opportunity for all donors to come forward and donate to the Association that would help in raising funds for charitable work as well as help to put up bigger and better events in the future.

We are a volunteer based organization, committed to connecting people in the tri-state area. We host a variety of events not only to connect and bring families together but also to explore and cherish our awesome heritage, culture and beliefs. 

The Executive team of MCA-DMV extends a warm welcome to all fellow Mangalorean Catholics residing in the tri-state area of DC/MD/VA.

Together, we can make the difference!


Mangalorean Catholic Association (MCA) is cordially inviting you to the 2023 Christmas party. Let's get together to celebrate the Christmas season with a fun filled evening in the company of our families and friends! 

A fun-filled evening with: 

* Carol singing * Nativity play * Performance by members * Delicious Goan/Konkan/Filipino food * Cake and Wine * Santa Claus * Special homemade kuswar hampers, gift hampers and exciting raffle prizes to be won * Dance & music * And more surprise items… 

Entrance Fees:(MCA member/MCA non member) 

Ages 0-5 - Free 

Ages 6-12: $30/$35 

Ages 13 and above: $45/$50 

Payment options: 

Dress Code: 

Casual holiday attire 

Bring along with you: 

Requesting your RSVP and entrance fees by November 15th, 2023 so that the committee and its team of volunteers can plan a joyful celebration

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Members (6 years and up) - $10 & Non Members (6 years and up) - $15 (Children below 5 years are always FREE) Payment can be made via PayPal to Mangalorean Association Inc. @mcapaypal If paying by check, please make checks payable to Mangalorean Association Inc and send to: Attn: Treasurer, Brian Dsouza, 1438 Thornbury Ct, Crofton, MD 21114 


The mass is followed by 'Noven Jowan' (ನವೆಂ ಜೆವೊನ್) in the church hall. This will be a POTLUCK EVENT featuring traditional home made delicacies. Sign up for the potluck through this link - 

We request that families with children bring cut flowers in a basket/plate for the Veneration of our Blessed Mother.

Please RSVP by 9/3/2023 Sunday so as to give sufficient time to plan and prepare for the event.

Evite link for RSVP: Click here

Committee welcomes volunteers and participants to help with the liturgy and celebration. 


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Upcoming Events 2023


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Monthi fest 2022

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MCA Summer picnic 2022-Dosa palooza





My dearest MCA families,

On behalf of the MCA committee members and families, I want to wish you and your families ‘Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2022’.

As every nation is still struggling to get back to normal routine after 2 years of isolation, there are great signs showing the end of the tunnel and a brighter future for all humankind. We were truly fortunate to celebrate the Christmas event live this year where you made the difference by showing up in person to show your support.

We are at the tail end of year as well as the Corona pandemic; hence it is time to cherish and thank the Lord for giving us the good things in this year. Let us look forward to greater, improved, exciting and fulfilling things to take place in the new year 2022.

On behalf of my committee, once again I want to thank you all for your participation, support, and cooperation you have provided to us this year, irrespective of the tolerances everyone had to put up with to adhere to Covid-19 protocols. We want you to be safe while enjoying the holidays with your families and friends.

Thank you

V James Dante



Mangalorean Christmas Carnival 2021

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Evonne Castelino (3)Eggsploring The Sea (3rd place winner!)  Evonne loves mermaids and sea creatures. She decorated eggs as sea creatures and mermaids
Judge Comments:
"She had amazing creativity. To think of easter underwater surely got me interested"
"Liked the use of eggs to make sharks!"
"I love this but felt it used too many pre made elements, but very cute!!"
Link1 Link2
Tiffany Nazareth (2.5)Easter bunny and chicken
Judge Comments:
"She did pretty good for her age."
"Very detailed Easter bunny!" "Very good and relevant to the theme"
Link1 Link2
Alina D'Souza (7)My big Easter Eggs I am grateful for all the good things and these big eggs are symbolic of that
Judge Comments:
"Fits the relevance"
"Big and beautiful eggs!"
"Loved these big eggs and the creative option to wrap in paper"
Link1 Link2
Vern Dsouza (12)Ice cream sundaeVanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry ice cream topped with cherry with chocolate drizzle
Judge Comments:
"Unusual but put together nicely"
"Looks delicious! Original idea"
"Delicious….made me hungry"

Vance Dsouza (9)DinosaursStegosaurus
Judge Comments:
"It was very different to see dinosaur easter. I would have not thought of this!!!"
"Impressive stegosaurus! Love the gold spikes"
 "Who doesn’t like a dinosaur? And they started as eggs too"
Vaughn Dsouza (4)Color Dyed Spider-Man eggs
Judge Comments:
"Superhero worthy!"
Jaden & Joshua NoronhaAn Eggstra-ordinary Tale
Judge Comments:
"I just absolutely loved the video, this kid has brilliantly put a wonderful story. It was truly eggstraordinary"
"Great imagination and use of eggcellent puns!"
"Fun and lots of team work to create. Great imagination!"
Link1 Link2
Eben Castelino (8)The Egghog(2nd place winner!)Contestant loves Sonic the Hedgehog. This is his take on Easter Egg with Sonic
Judge Comments:
"Nicely drawn. Very good"
"Great artistic ability, the character comes to life!"
"Eggcellent drawing!"

Link1 Link2
Alisha RodriguesCrochet Easter Eggs(1st place winner!)
Judge Comments:
"Her crochet skills are really good"
"Very unique and original! Amazing crochet skills"""I loved these. So creative and colorful and can be used year to year."
Link1 Link2
Ethan AlmeidaEggbert and friends Egglington and Eggster(2nd place winner!)See No Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil
Judge Comments:
"Very sweetly related. On this easter follow the goodness of the Lord"
"Cute and detailed characters, great use of materials!"
"Interesting theme for Easter, creative idea"

Link1 Link2 Link3
Nathan RacadagTrollsContestant wanted to make an egg based on the movie, "Trolls." He got a wooden egg and used glitter pens to make the hair for the Troll's hair
Judge Comments:
"Love the glittery Troll Hair!"
"Awesome hair, very creative!"
"Pretty good efforts for a kid of his age"

Link1 Link2


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Click here for Emmitsburg md, mount st. MARY'S Shrine Visit Pictures


St. Mary's, Emmitsburg shrine visit

16330 Grotto Rd, Emmitsburg, MD 21727, May 2 2021, 12pm Mass, break, Rosary @ Lourdes Grotto

Due to COVID restrictions people are advised to pack lunch and snacks

Please click here to sign up for Mass


February 1, 2021

My dear friends,

Welcome. I have great pleasure in congratulating and welcoming the committee members for the

new term. Several of them, including myself, are continuing from the last committee, some in

different roles in this term, who have come forward to sustain the continuity of operations of the


Please check out the COMMITTEE page for the list of new committee members and their brief

introductions with pictures.

The Covid-19 times have been tough on everyone last year and continue to persist for some part

of this year as well. Hence, this would restrain our ability to plan any get-together event for some

time, but we will keep the fingers crossed until the situation gets better.

New committee means new ideas and new initiatives. There are currently some preliminary

discussions ongoing on forming some sub-committees such as the Youth Group and the Women’s

Group to help create a bonding among members having similar interests to lead in community

activities. The association will support these groups in their initiatives to the maximum extent

possible. Also, since our association members are pretty much scattered along the tri-state area,

there are some preliminary discussions on creating localized member groups based on the

geographical proximity so as to have better coordination for future get-together events.

On behalf of the new committee, I would like to thank the outgoing committee members for their

contribution and support during the last term where we delivered several innovative events that

were initially conceptualized as experiments, but ended up being success stories.

Lastly, as I wrote in my introductory message in the year 2019 when I took over as the President

of the association, I want to reiterate that my committee and myself promise to bring positive

changes in our community by adapting to new and innovative ways.

Once again, I look forward to your cooperation, participation and support to the new committee

to bring you many more memorable events during our term, that we can cherish when we look

back upon time.

Thank you

V James Dante